Potential Gun Hack??

During a TDM game today I was running low on ammo and picked up a Gold P90 from a guy I just killed. I reloaded and looked down and saw 450rds and the clip size was bigger than the MK46 LMG. I was killed seconds later but managed to ace this guy again and low and behold yet another gold P90 with over 300 rds. For giggles I reloaded and pulled the trigger. Oh boy rapid fire as well, and like the energizer bunny it just kept going and going till someone heard all the noise and killed me. When the game ended I confronted them in the lobby and they (split screeners) backed out pretty quickly. Needless to say I reported him.






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I use scavenger pro perk and always have my p90 with stability + rapid fire and get 350+ rounds. I think it maxes at 420 + whatever is in the clip. Just standard stuff.

Extended mags and Rapid Fire are two attachments.

Did some testing and indeed with scav pro/ext mags you get 450 rds to start in the P90 this however does not explain the clip size which as far as I can tell was 150 rds. Normal mag size is 50 viewed in the HUD as a single row and ext mag is 75 which when viewed on the HUD is 1 and a half rows. This gun was showing 3 rows of ammo which is double the ext mag amount.

Its possible that I could be mistaken and just seeing things. Just something to keep an eye out for.

I gotta say... I usually like Silent weapons but when game lobbies have that lag compensation crap going I resort to this sort of crap to try to offset the lag.... since I usually get hit markers first and then the enemy just spins around and one shots me...

50 bullets a second and my chances go up that I can get a kill (usually the odds are like 2 out of 3 times)