Posting to Fileshare in Reach ... Gamertag not allowed by Xbox Live

I know this is game specific, but a MS Customer Service Rep told me to post this here in the hopes that someone may know what the heck is going on with my account.

Let me start of by stating that my Gamertag is "J Pice 7". I have never been banned or received an message stating so. I have never received a message from XBL stating that my Gamertag needed to be changed because it was deemed inappropriate. I have never posted anything wrong to my fileshare in Reach either and never received a File Share ban either. When Reach launched, I was able to upload files to my Fileshare with no issue. I actually still have one in my Fileshare as proof. However, when I go to upload something to my Fileshare now, I get a wonderful message that states that my Gamertag is not allowed by Xbox Live. The Gamertag I am currently signed into XBL with is not allowed by XBL ... 0_o ... You can see how this can be extremely frustrating. I simply don't understand how I can be logged into XBL, yet receive a message in game that states my Gamertag is not allowed by XBL.

If anyone has any idea as to what is going on with my account or how to fix this issue, I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance.


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