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Since, it is officially 2012 and Mass Effect 3 is coming in March. I know many like myself are doing re-walkthroughs of the previous games. In saying that, what is your character that you will go with for the ending of Shepard's story. 

For, me it is my FemShep Soldier. Isabella Shepard, even though I am a guy. I tried Sheploo many times but couldn't get passed his monotone voice, plus my FemShep is quite sexy to be honest lol. Anyways, I thought this would be a good opportunity for everyone to share. 


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Where is yours?



I apologize, I should have been more precise. I couldn't think of any other name than "post", what I meant was to simply name your character and what class they are. I mainly play on the Xbox so I can't take a screenshot and my Dell Laptop doesn't have the correct graphic card to run the demo in it's fullest potential.

You could always take a picture with a digital camera or phone and upload it that way.


Above is Bobbie Shepard. A spacer kid with a talent for biotics after getting too close to the engine core on one of her mother's ships. In her free time she likes to get jiggy with the men under her command to release 'stress'.

There was a thead similar to this in the Mass Effect 2 subforum (Link: and there was a thread before the forum change which had character info etc...

Anywayz, I'll be starting another playthrough so might as well list my Shepards I have completed and ready for ME3


First Shepard...

Name :    Greg Shepard

Class :    Engineer

Favorite Primary Weapon :   Locust SMG

Favorite Secondary Weapon :    Phalanx Heavy Pistol

Favorite Heavy Weapon :    Collector Particle Beam Weapon

Favorite Ability/Power :    Explosive Combat Drone

ME1 LI :    N/A

ME2 LI :    Tali'Zorah vas Normandy/vas Neema/ nar Rayya

Favorite Team Members :    Tali and Garrus. Have to roll with my girl and my brother.

Least Favorite Team Members :    Jack and Jacob.


Second Shepard...

Name :    Aberdeen Shepard

Class :    Soldier

Favorite Primary Weapon :    Geth Assault Rifle

Favorite Secondary Weapon :   Phalanx Heavy Pistol

Favorite Heavy Weapon:    ML-77 Missile Launcher

ME1 LI :    Ashley Williams, sacrificed on Virmire

ME2 LI :    Miranda Lawson

Favorite Team Members :    Grunt and Miranda.

Least Favorite Team Members :    Jack and Jacob... again lol


Third Shepard...

Name :    Maxwell Shepard

Class :    Adept

Favorite Primary Weapon :    Locust SMG

Favorite Secondary Weapon :    Phalanx Heavy Pistol

Favorite Heavy Weapon:    M-62 Avalanche

ME1 LI :    Ashley Williams

ME2 LI :    N/A

Favorite Team Members :    Samara and Kasumi

Least Favorite Team Members :    Guess... lol Jack and Jacob


I'll post my others when I've completed ME1 + ME2 again.

I technically only have three that I plan on bringing in so far. I want to redo my first Shepard completely. Make him in ME1 and make all the same choices I did for my first play through. And then I have my favorite FemShep that I will just bring in. And then I have another Femshep that will make the cut. After that, I will only do complete trilogy runs.

Name :  Brad Shepard

Class :    Vanguard then Adept

  Favorite Heavy Weapon :    

Favorite Ability/Power :   Throw

ME1 LI :  Liara

ME2 LI :  Tali

Favorite Team Members :   Mordin and Miranda

Least Favorite Team Members : Jacob and Zaeed

Role: This was my first character. My choices had no overall goal. I was stumbling in the dark the whole time.

Name :  Andie F. Shepard

Class :    Adept

Favorite Ability/Power :   Lift/Pull

ME1 LI :  None

ME2 LI : Thane

Favorite Team Members :  Thane and Samara

Least Favorite Team Members: Jacob and Garrus

Role: Her parents were killed by Batarian slavers, and the rest of her family was killed in First Contact. She joined the Alliance in hopes of asserting human dominance across the galaxy. She nearly succeeded by letting the Council die. If she hadn't been spaced, she could have done more to help humans. (Full Renegade) When she was revived by Cerberus, she had the same mentality. She still hated aliens.  But then she met Thane. He was a Drell. She had only met one Drell in her life. It was on the Alliance ship that saved her. He stopped her crying. He was her only friend on that ship. When she saw his regard for family and got to know him, their relationship bloomed. He is changing her outlook on life. They were planning on going to Earth to visit the Sahara desert when the events of Arrival happened.

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Name :  Kathrynne Shepard

Class :   Infiltrator

Favorite Ability/Power :   Hack

ME1 LI :  Liara

ME2 LI : Would be Samara but got Thought-Blocked

Favorite Team Members : Tali and Kasumi

Least Favorite Team Members: Miranda and Jack

Role: Shepard was always fascinated by aliens. Instead on viewing them with fear or hatred, she viewed them with curiosity. Shep was always awkward around humans. She never felt comfortable around her own race. Perhaps that is why she developed an attraction towards the Asari.

Awesome characters guys. I myself did multiple playthroughs, but decided to go forward with my most favorite.


Name: Isabella Shepard

Class: Solider 

Favorite Ability/Power: Stasis

ME1 LI: No one

ME2 LI: Jacob

Favorite Team Members: Garrus, Tali, Samara, Wrex, Kasumi, Jacob, Mordin

Least Favorite Team Members: Jack, Zaeed, Miranda

Role: Isabella Shepard always wanted something unique and to leave her mark on history, this explains why as a spacer kid she decided to join the Alliance as her parents did. Having befriended her entire crew on the original Normandy, she saw them as family and took it hard when she had to leave Ashely behind on Virmire. Her belief in doing what is right no matter the cost, was her sacrifice to ensue others had a fighting chance. She fought with honor and dignity while keeping  true to her word. With a new team and a adversary asking for her help, she stood to her beliefs. Once again she befriended her entire crew, but one she grew fond of. This uniqueness may be why she chose Jacob to set her apart from everyone else once again just as she always has. ( I enjoy writing stories.) 

I will have to go with my first, and favorite Shepard.

Name: Shepard, Matthew

Class: Soldier

Favorite Ability/Power: Adrenaline Rush

ME1 LI: No One

ME2 LI: Tali vas Normandy nar Rayya

Favorite Team Members: I loved everyone. I stressed out about losing a single member of my crew, but I can say that for this Shepard, he brought every single member of his crew home.

Least Favorite Team Members: NA

Role: Matthew Shepard grew up on the mean streets of Earth's mega cities. Without a family, or an education, and yearning to be apart of something he joined a local street gang. The gang taught Shepard how to fight, and survive, as well as relying on a others. While Shepard made a name for himself, he felt hollow and wanted something more. Luckily for Shepard, he would run into an Alliance Marine recruiter who was being rotated to space. Shepard felt drawn to the uniform and started to ask questions about the Systems Alliance military. The Marine, took a liking to this eager kid and helped Shepard prepare for joining the Alliance military by taking Shepard to a local base to do PT with other Alliance Marines, as well as giving Shepard correspondence courses so Shepard would enter Basic with some rank. As soon as Shepard was of age he joined the Systems Alliance military and was off to begin a new part of his life.

          Shepard would be awarded for his bravery for his conduct during the Batarian assault on Elysium, and later become the first Human SPECTRE. His greatest trial would be trying to stop the Collector attacks on human colonies. It was during this hard time that Shepard turned to an old friend, Tali, for comfort. The friendship between the two would blossom into love between the two of them.  ( I hope that was okay, a little long,)

Great characters everybody. When Mass Effect 3 does come out, good hunting to all of us.

Sorry to go abit off topic.....but regarding the love interests in Mass Effect 2 - I managed to sleep with Miranda and Tali in the same playthrough, but when I tried it again in another playthrough it wouldn't let me do it. Did anyone else manage to achieve this???

I think that it is possible if you say the exact right things and the exact right time in the story. I know that you can sleep with Jack and another LI.