Post your flips and crash videos!


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hey just want to find out how to find the forum for the banned accounts or and email for that

That was a pretty sweet crash lol.

I got a nose-over-tail multiple flip I need to get uploaded. Lost control in curve, almost got it back just as a buddy rammed me and sent me flying. LOL

Haha nice crash. i had never before the luck to flip my car in F4. xD

that's a pretty sweet crash. I had a good one at a friends house. Can't seem to get the video from Facebook at the moment to post it, but rolled down the hill about 7 times.

I just did a hand-brake slide over the finish line in celebration and the car must have clipped a curb or something as it just rolled over and over down the road...

[FM4] Massive Crash - [View:]

[FM4] Ferrari Flip - [View:]

[FM4] Trueno Flip - [View:]

I love forza, but I hate the crashes, because the cars are almost indestructibles, even the old game NFS pro street have better crash effects than this one, I know, this is a more serious game but, well, the crash are some times the best part of some races. Anyway, I love Forza 4