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Create an account and post your platoon on is a social networking site for all gamers. You can create and manage groups (platoons, clans, whatever floats your boat), create calendar events in which users can identify whether they will attend or not. Badge system (currently in the works) that awards points and badges (rank etc) for activity be it logging in, posting on The Wire, adding a friend or even lose points for doing something such as removing a friend. You can upload and share files, photos, videos, even have your own profile, friends list, gamertag details and plenty more. The Wire, where you can share your thoughts with the rest of the community (think of the Facebook Wall). There is even a live chat where you can connect with all of the other members that are on the website or you can create your own room for private discussions. There are various features that are being worked on but I cannot do it all by myself. Anyone that is willing to help out I would be more than happy to have you join me (helping out can mean writing tips or finding other valuable information to place on the website to help other gamers out). You do not need to be an Administrator to help build the site or promote it, make this your "Gaming Hub" and connect to the rest of the gaming world with


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