Post your best contracts =)

Seeing as it's so hard to get your contracts played once you have received the "just posted wave" I thought why not make a self bumping thread with all the awesome contracts you've made/played =). 

No real criteria as to the level of difficulty just ones that you're proud of and feel it should be played more than it has (I made what I feel is an excellent one with a 270k payout but done right and you can get 430k with only 3 plays!) 

So write down your id's and a Lil description and I look forward to playing =) 

5-0320-543030-elke (sneaky kills on 2 cops at the shangri-la hiding all bodies. Make sure to bring a vase) 

5-0420-612419-elke (take out the 2 dancers out the back all while sporting a preacher suit) 

5-0920-840421-elke (its called sweeny Todd in the barbershop work it out =p timings important) 


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I've only made two so far but one of them I am pretty proud of.


Oh, you can type in the person's GT instead of that code and it'll show everything they've made.


If you look me up try out the contract that takes place in the Strip Club. Let me know what you guys think.

I made one last night I call "Identity Crisis". In The Patriot's Hanger you must kill The Patriot with your bare hands, while dressed as The Patriot. And you have to do it all undetected and hide his body. I don't have the number, but you can find it by my gt: CamaroGuy96. Last I checked 10 folks completed it, but only one matched my score.

i've got one on the barbershop called gods wetwork. you can kill your two targets without ever having to see them. both are accident kills. its on the two targets for the main mission so if you know how to do that its easy but its on purist so its still a challenge even if you know what to do.