Post Skull and terminal locations here

Ill Update this thread Regularly and edit it so as to make a sort of guide for them. So far ive found 1 skull. It was located in the room you start out in, behind a box in the back part of the room. I have also found 1 terminal located in the tunnel after you crash land on halo and you save the Marines trapped on that platform. after you get the warthog youll drive down into a tunnel and cortana will talk about the covenant battle channel not being secured, youll then drive down a small ramp and its at the back of a small hallway. you will see a flashing light, the light is the terminal.


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I found this site I have not had a chance to run through any of them but this maybe a good start :)

went through the first few locations and terminals seems pretty accurate to me.  

Pillar of autumn skull is behind one of the cryo chambers as you start the level.  The terminal is located after you get to the bridge find the blinking red computer system an thats it

Halo level after you crash head toward the water fall to the right as you get out of the ship the skull is behind it.

the terminal is locatet after you do battle with the convenant the warthog gets dropped off you will drive it under ground  do a couple twist and turns going down and look for a blinking yellow podeum and thats the 2nd terminal.  

I used these... they are accurate.


In addition to the OP, where you found the Terminal on Halo, if you go to the plateau above that building where you found the terminal (before entering), the BOOM skull is there. I also found the Recession skull in 343 Guilty Spark. I recall it being around the area of the big downed tree. There are a few Jackals you fight off, and then explore what seems to be nothing but woods to the left. I fell down a hill, went right a little bit and found it between 2 trees concealed by a bush. Kind of hard to explain lol.


The first terminal is on the Pillar of Autumn on the bridge near where you meet Keyes

The second terminal is described in the OP on the level Halo

The third terminal is on the bridge of the Truth and Reconcilitaion

The fourth is near the end of Assault on the Control Room. When you exit the door which brings you to the canyon (where you can steal a Banshee), it's on the floor of the canyon under the huge support beam to the structure. There's also a couple dead marines down there with a Sniper and a Rocket launcher + ammo.

Here are all of the terminal locations....

i need to upload them




Thanks all who posted skills and terminals there always sneaky of where they put them but if your a true halo master you found some where they thought they could be clever :)


Didnt see if anyone posted but The Black Eye Skull. Its on the library level. When you first spawn. at the end of the corridor there are two pillars, which are occupied by two flood. - kill them. Grenade jump onto the pillar and jump into the vent opposite. Black Eye skull is hidden in the vent.