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Did some digging around and didn't find one post concerning this issue so thought I would give it a shot.  Also if this could be stickied it would probably help alot ^.^

If you are seeking individuals, whether as a friend or just a casual gaming buddy, to play Borderlands co-op with then post here so all can see.  There are so many threads of people asking for someone to play with so I thought I would try to make things a little easier.

I will even start so here goes.  I am looking for others I can play Borderlands with when the urge to shoot stuff in this beautiful cell shaded world takes over.  Feel free to message me with a friend request and stating that you wish to have a bud for Borderlands.

Have fun posting and hope this can help save on forum space :D


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when i play, its mostly just farming crawmerax, but i can help on missions or whatever, i also have a huge bank full of most legit weapons if anyone is looking for anything, not too many pearls those, legit pearls are still hard to come across- although it is impossible to know if they are duped, not that it really matters, and i can play whatever way anyone wants to, using uber-gear or totally legit, i cant no aspersions either way, farming can be fast/power-levelling, or it can be fun and challenging

Hi im looking for a few people to help me and a friend out to play the game and all start at level 1 if your interested let us know .