post fascinating character combinations here please

right now been trying  **** class mod for a brick my brick is level 42 this is pc

a decent double  anarchy made by torgue


static shotgun made by maliwan

a hellfire im hoping toget a torgue friendly fire or hellfire ,crux  by the mid 50-61 level to see if this will work with crawmerax.i know the ogre works great but its rare.if all works out ill make a brick for my xbox with close to that setup at the moment im using defender shotgun ,crux,hellfire or torgue friendly fire,maliwan static shotgun wih an ogre class mod with 30 %damage for my level 69 character build for my xbox .experimenting different combinations.:)ideas


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I'm a lv 69 Hunter with survivor class mod (health regen). I have Double Anarchy, A jakobs sniper with 1435dmg, terrible matador with 300x12.

I usually play coop with my brother who is a soldier with either a Leader Class Mod (added exp) or Support Gunner (ammo regen)