Possibly Missing cars?

I read there were going to 530+ cars on the game and while I haven't counted the ones I have, I'm pretty sure there isn't nearly that many. I know of a couple that were going to be on the game that I haven't seen, like the Veyron SuperSports and the Gallardo Superleggera, and was wondering if there's something I'm missing. I've heard stuff about "unicorn cars" and dlc, but never anything official or black and white. I got the launch day edition with the Tesla and the Koenneggssisssggeoogg Agera and some others. So I guess what I'm asking is can someone break down what cars don't come standard with the game and if and how I can get them otherwise? I realize that this is all probably obvious to the Forza Fanatics around here, but I bought the game on kind of an impulse yesterday, so I'm a little late to the party. Thank you in advance and happy racing to you.


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Veyron SuperSports and the Gallardo Superleggera...

Both of those cars are in the VIP pack that comes with the LCE edition of the game.  I think you can also get the Gallardo for importing your save from FM3 (I think that's how I got mine anyway).  I have the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport unlocked but I haven't bought it yet.  The Gallardo is actually pretty good.

Here's a source (it will tell you what other cars you are missing)...


there`s at least 60 in the dlc.