Possibly buying SR3

 but I have not played any of the prior SR games. Is this a series where I really should know whats going on (I really need to play the other 2) or can you just pick up and play?


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I think you will be able to jump right in and play.  I did pick up SR2, but could really not get into the game.  It would have been a blast to even play a year or 2 ago.  It was just so dated ( to each his/her own).  If I had nothing else to play I sure would play it.  There have been so many good games coming out, that I could not pull myself away to play SR2.  Maybe someone else can sell you on it.  I would just wait for SR3.  

I was in walmart a few weeks ago and picked up  the saints row 1 & 2 combo pack for $20. I am playing SR2 and am enjoying it, aside from it being a bit glitchy. Definitely has a GTA feel to it, but GTA is still better IMO.

You wont need to, but you should play them just because they are great games.  SR1 is probably dated, but you can get them both for super cheap and get hours of enjoyment.

if i were u i'd go pick up SR2 just to get use to the type of gameplay. some people might say its like GTA but the only similarity is that they both are sandbox games. the SR series is great because of the activities and gameplay. sure the story plays a good part in the game but not a big deal. the first SR isn't really worth a look, its very dated and will feel and look like a original xbox game, imo