Possible to increase my gamer points via PC games?

Just created a gamertag this morning, and I have some steam games.  I don't have a console at home, and I'm wondering if anyone in the community knows whether there's a way to add to my gamer points using the PC-only.  Links to games I can buy/play to add to my points via PC would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance!


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(I see there is a PC Games forum, but it's not nearly as active as this one.  Hoping someone here knows the answer.  Thanks, again!)

There used to be games for windows or whatever which you could earn achievements which is shared with your Xbox profile though that has finished now.

They are bringing out a new windows 10 app though that might let you add to your achievements through the PC as you can play Xbox games through it, but I don't think we have full details how that's all going to work yet.

You can also purchase games through the Windows Store to play and earn achievements if you're using Windows 8.

Thanks @DigitalAssasin.  I'm previewing Windows 10, so I'm going to check out the app next.

@Smwutches - any game through the store, or particular games?

These are the games - www.xboxachievements.com/.../win8

Awesome, @Smwutches!  A thousand thanks.

I'd suggest the game, Adera, it's a point & click (old school) type game.  It's not free though.  You can earn a maximum of 800 gamerscore from it.

If you want an easy, legitimate way to get money for your Xbox account, try Bing Rewards. Simply searching on Bing.com and get credits and redeem for Xbox cards.

There are some games on Steam that still support Games For Windows Live (where you can earn achievements). Those games are:


F1 2010

F1 2011

Flatout Ultimate Carnage

Grand Theft Auto IV

Lost Planet 2

Mortal Kombat Kollection

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City

Section 8: Prejudice

Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter x Tekken

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends

Toy Soldiers

When you start any of the above games, you'll be prompted to sign in. Just enter your Gamertag login info (e-mail & password) and your profile will download to your PC. Then you can play and earn achievements!

Oops. Left off several:

Disney Tron
Operation Flashpoint: Red River
The Club
Battlestations Pacific
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
Lost Planets: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes

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