Possible to heal phantoms?

Today I got as far as killing Ornstein In Anor Londo, with Solaire.  But by the time ornstein was dead Solaire only had a sliver of health left.  Can we heal NPC's in this game?  Because basically after he died so did I. 


On a side note,  to all you invaders that invade in that hall right before the boss you guys suck...yea you know who you are...For some reason you have no problem invading me but I cant get a summon to work for the life of me.


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I know it's possible to heal a summon with one of the AoE healing spells, but I don't know about NPC phantoms. I honestly have never cast a healing spell.

You can not heal NPC phantoms as far as I know.  I've tried many different ways now.

And I feel your pain about Smough & Ornstein.  I'm on my second playthrough and I only recently JUST beat them.  It took me three days of sitting there in that hallway, trying to summon people (and failing most of the time) and getting invaded a HELL of a lot.  I went through I think about 72 Humanity between deaths on the boss, dying on the way to the boss sometimes and getting invaded.  Thankfully I won most of the invasions, but that boss is a pain with only yourself and Solaire.  The AI is pretty dumb.

Tips for the boss:

- If you can, get the Crystal Ring Shield.  Upgraded even just once or twice that thing will rip through the bosses.

- Don't use Lightning, the bosses are kind of resistant to it.  Fire is your best choice, along with Pyromancy spells.

- In my opinion it's easier to kill the fat man first.  If you kill the other one first the fat man gets crazy lightning attacks that will one hit kill you.

Good luck dude!

I know it is an NPC, but I would just like to tell everyone that if you are a phantom and need health, humanity works to give you health if you have a handful of "packaged" forms of it.

Also you can heal yourself with Miracles (Heal, Great Heal) and also having the Sanctus Shield equipped will give you Regen (albeit very slowly).  Otherwise it's up to the host who summoned you to use Flasks to keep you alive.

I think you can only heal other players not npc's