Possible Survival games this weekend 8/3-8/4

I have seen a lot of people posting about " Ideas to build" or " things to do" so it seems to me that some are getting bored. So if any are interested in getting a PvP survival games going, friday night maybe saturday, I will be trying to organize one. It will be a full map game set on easy with a guard system (so I have something to do) hidden chest and much more will be scattered throughout the world. If there is enough interest maybe we can set up a small tournament. I'm totally open for suggestions on rules & prep time. My thoughts for starting are where everyone starts in the same area with enough chest in the middle for everyone, the doors open raid the chest, then as soon as you leave the area the survival begin. Or we can have a set prep time after the area is left, whatever majority wants. If your interested please let me know what day would be best and what times, hopefully we can get enough for a few rounds. Before anyone asks there is NO PRIZE I'm just trying to gather some people together to have fun this weekend and maybe meet some new friends.  If you wanna join shoot me a message or post here, I'll be checking in as the week goes on.


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Really, not one person. Whatever

I'm in

when is it? im able to join if allowed.