Possible storylines for future MK's???

Which ladder endings to you see carying over to future Mortal Kombat games? Without that character beating shao khan.


Cryax aligns himself with Raiden

Sektor becomes head of the Lin Kuei (it doesn't have to be sub-zero now seeing things can be different

Jade becomes possesed *

Noob and Havoc attack the Netherrealm

Ermac is found to be King Jarrod (assuming Kitana is still alive, this could still be possible, he'd just serve Kitana instead) *


* assuming that chracter is revieved from thier story mode death.




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I think that if, and that's a big if, they do another MK then they'll follow the story of MK4 and up mostly. Yes, some paths were altered, but it still basically ended in leading into what 4 almost was or so. Character endings? Eh, they were fun to see but I wouldn't want any of them to be taken seriously into the storyline. Subby and Scorpy siding up and then vanishing? Wat.

I see more of a future with Zero's ending, but even more with the actual Story ending itself.

I like Jade's ending, I think it would be interesting to see her come back possessed and also Shang Tsung's ending, as far as Lui Kang getting out of control. I wouldn't mind a different kind of Lui either. There's slot of fun possibilities but like someone already said they will probably stick to MK4 and up. I'm actually not to fond of most of those characters but o well lol.