Possible glitch, need help

 Ok so before advancing the "Follow the Qun" quest I went back through to make sure i had everything. I went into the Slavers Holding Caves with Fenris in my party, and he is not locked. I can't take him out because I cannot complete the quest in there. It wouldn't be a major problem except I had to sell basically everything he had, and extra inventory to pay for those stupid pick axes... lol So he is basically all but naked. Anyone have this issue? How did you resolve it?

 Unfortunately I saved over the slot and can't go back, so yea, I've tried that. 




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Well I never really had that problem. So really all I can think to say is you might have to either restart or you could see where the game auto saves are and try reloading one of those. There should be quite a few auto saves to choose from. Loading doesn't just show your main save when you're already on the character you want to play.