Portal Movie

Short film created by fans of the game.

They should really make a movie for this it would cool.


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Wow.  That was a great short film.  Loved the ending.

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Wow.  That was a great short film.  Loved the ending.

[/quote] It looked like a motion picture film. They did a good job.

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It did.  Great find.

I havent played HL2 in some time but were those Combine soldiers ? and wow that lady is fit.

Movie looked great. Great camera work, and the costumes and props were very well done. Very professional.

It would be kind of cool if they made a decent 'Portal' movie. Though I don't really see them being able to do much with it. I mean, sure you have a main character, and a main villain, but there needs to be more to a film than that.

I suppose they could do something like put a lot of work into the story of 'subject 16', or a back story on the main character... maybe a bit of history on the labs themselves and what their goal is... I just don't think they could do enough to it to make a decent theatrical motion picture.

Tagging so I can watch when I'm home from work :)