Porsche in Forza Motorsport 4 Petition

Hello Guys!

What do you think of the statement Turn 10 officially made about that Porsche won´t be in the game today?

Who wants Porsche back in the game?

Maybe we can change something,every vote counts.

I didn´t start that but here´s the link:



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I highly doubt such a petition will have any affect on whether or not we see Porsche in FM4.  This is all about EA being greedy and wanting to be able to say "hey everybody, we're the only "sim" that has Porsches...better buy our game!"

All they're doing is making the gaming landscape less enjoyable for racing fans, and generating even more ill will toward themselves as a company.  But clearly they don't care...it's all about money for EA, *** the gamers.

That's really sad. Porshe is not always my favorite car, but it has been in certain races/classes.

I was thinking of trying to drag the GT2. oh well.

Link to the article on Turn 10's site:


(The relevant section is the last interview question, in bold, toward the bottom of the page)

From the sounds of it, they've tried everything, EA is just not willing to play ball. 

To make the whole thing even more pointless, it seems EA are not releasing anymore games in the Shift series, so they  wont have sim type racer to put Porsches in, and they are not really in competition with Forza. 5 or so Porsche models will probably make appearances in NFS The Run and following NFS titles, but thats about it, so it's such a waste of a licence. They should have allowed Turn 10 to use Porsches and made some money in the process with no detrimental effect on the sales of their games. I mean it's not like people choose racing games for specific car manufacturers.

BTW, does anybody know if this means that there will be no Porsche racing cars in the game? From what I have heard in the past, getiing licences for cars that paticpate in racing series requires getting rights from the motorsport's governing body instead of the manufactuer, but I might be wrong.

@Killer Sasuke:

I totally agree with you, and even though I'm not a Dan Greenawalt fan, he's right on the money when he states in the above article that it can very easily be argued that Turn 10 has made a much better use of the Porsche (sub)license than EA has.

I really see no reason why they couldn't have worked something out so that FM4 can have Porsches, and EA would get some sort of residual from every copy sold.  What good is having an exclusive license if you're not doing anything with it?  Let the gamers enjoy their favorite cars...I understand that everything comes down to money in the end, but there are no more Shift games on the horizon as far as I know, so even if one was in the works, by the time they DID get around to releasing one, FM4 would have long since launched and gamers would be eager for a new racing game by that time anyway, so it's not like their sales would be adversely affected one way or the other.  I just really can't see EA's reasoning behind this.

From what I can gather, I wouldn't expect to see any Porsches in the game, period, regardless of what racing series they may be affiliated with.  Seems like the best we can hope for is a few RUF models.

Yeah. I don't see how EA can benefit in any way from choosing to prevent Turn 10 from using their cars. It only makes them look petty, as if they can't handle the idea of a racing game that's not NFS being highly successful. Now that can't be good for their image.

Whilst I'm disappointed with the game having no Porsches in general, it's even more irritating because I decided about I week ago that I wanted to make a replica of this livery. If they still had racing versions of Porsches I'd still be able to do that. It's a shame because I didn't really bother with making any designs on Forza 3, although I made quite few on Forza 2 and even made a couple on the original Forza.

The whole idea of me hoping that they might have some racing Porsches in the game is largely wishful thinking, it's worth remembering the case with the Nissan GT-R in Forza 3. While we didn't get the car initially because Polyphony were being arsey about the whole thing, touring car Nissan GT-Rs were still available on release. Then again this may have more to do with the fact that the racing cars don't have the same dashboard interface as the production model so maybe Polyphony lacked the rights to ban those from appearing in the game. Still, the GT-R appeared as DLC later down the line so somebody must have changed their mind about it. Dan's apparently still trying for the Porsche licence so maybe we'll see a Porsche DLC pack later. You never know!

Ah, good point about the GT-Rs, I forgot about that.  Well, either way...by the time I get around to picking up FM4 (I very rarely do launch date purchases anymore), maybe they'll have the whole thing sorted, and this whole discussion will be moot.  I'm definitely not holding my breath, though...

Thats really dissapointing. I feel bad for the hardcore Porsche enthusiasts.

EA may not make Shift 3, but they will make another sim. Too many hardcore racers loved Shift 2. It had no mass appeal because it was released too soon and was buggy, not unlike many other EA games.

Fine for EA cause I never bought any of the need for speed arcade games. I  just have prostreet, shift 1 and 2. If they wanna cater to the youngsters, go ahead. They can't afford a porsche and porsche won't renew the license. Anyone here buying The Run?

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