i am wondering when"populous" will come out in xbox 360.  i love that game, could someone please explain to me, when will this happen.  from di


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Do you know if it's actually coming?

I did a quick search and nothing points to a new version of this title.

That game is awesome! Pretty old now but I highly doubt it's coming to Xbox though. Just get it on GOG, if you really want it.

Does Peter Molyneux still work for Xbox?

Nah, he has his own company now - 22Cans I believe it is called.

www.retrouprising.com/.../p425 - There's seven Populous games on that page if you scroll down. I suggest the SNES version since it seems the most polished.


I doubt we'll see a new Populous anytime soon. If they make one it will probably ruin what was awesome about the older ones. Either way you can't beat free right? Go play it.

populous the begining on the ps1 was awesome. i thought about finding a pc version but with ancient windows it probably won't run on win 7

That was a decent game but it tried to be a RTS and failed. The ones I linked to are the true god game versions, much more epic imo.