Population Counter Nuketown Zombies

I'm sure this has been asked before but i couldn't find any threads about it in the graveyard so i thought i would start one and ask this question.

Right outside the green house look at the Nuketown sign, theres a counter on it, what exactly is it for and what exactly does it mean?

at first i thought it was a counter showing you how many zombies were left alive each round until i saw it hit zero mid round and the zombies were still coming, and i've noticed that every time it hits zero it just resets back to 99.

Second i thought it was  the cue for the perks to start faliing and that maybe everytime it hit zero another perk would drop, BUT it counted down twice to zero and when our first perk dropped it wasn't  even at zero it was like 28 or somehting. and not only that but the counter continues to count down/start over even after all 4 perks and the PAP machine get dropped in

Also i noticed a clock in the middle of the map above the red garage door and the numbers are on in the opposite direction and every round that go bys counts an hour on the clock. Not sure what that means either. 

Any insight you guys might have would be appreciated.


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ok so does anybody know yet? i played again last night and the first 2 perks dropped when the ticker hit zero but the next two didn't drop unitl it counted down to zero 2-3 times