poor quality picture. anyone have suggestions how to fix

I am getting a really poor picture quality. Netflix works fine on other devices. I have heard xbox is trying to replace netflix with zune and have since ruined the quality of netflix to decrease its popularity. Does anyone know how to make the picture clearer. I would dump xbox for ps before I cancel netflix. Bad move microsoft.

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i found i get this problem when i have too many device going off my wifi. usually shut a few off then it starts working again,

That is not a correct rumor. Microsoft is not trying to ruin Netflix at all and Zune offers a great variety of programs Netflix does not ...Let's just put that one to bed right now. I was having the same issues. I contacted Netflix support as well as my ISP and was able to resolve the issues at hand with ease. Check your data usage/allowance from your ISP first off. Next check what services you have from your ISP. If all of those should result in you being able to stream the 3 GB an hour for HD and you cannot then you need to contact Netflix support and report the programs you had the issues with. Also please consider rebooting and or fully power cycling the router.