Poor quality on Netflix, ESPN but great quality with Youtube and HBO GO

So my internet speed is 12 mbps, the xbox network check is good, and NAT is open.

I can play online games with no problem as well as stream Youtube and HBO Go uninterrupted in HD.

The problem is that certain apps including ESPN, Netflix, and Amazon Video won't ever stream in HD. Additionally, if I try watch game previews or other media from the home screen it is continuously having to stop and buffer. Game updates and downloadable add-ons also seem very slow to download as well.

So what is the deal here? I could understand there being a network issue if nothing worked right but the fact some apps stream so well yet others don't baffles me. It's also strange that I can access Netflix, Amazon Prime and ESPN 360 on my macbook and stream hd no problem.

Any suggestions?


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Hey there, you might be suffering from an issue that either party (MS or Netflix) refuses to own up to.

A few questions.

Did you used to get HD on Netlfix before November 18th?

Select a movie on Netflix that says HD, Click the right thumbstick and on the top left corner, look at the numbers, Does it stay on 288 - 480?

Do you have an older 360 that does NOT have an HDMI port?

Are you getting HD by using the component cable? (Red,Green and Blue plugs)

If you happened to answer yes to all 4 of those questions...than you, just like me and many others are screwed.
Somehow this update managed to ruin Netflix and you can only view HD when using an HDMI cable. If you were using component cables to get HD, you now have to settle for a crappy quality.

I've been dealing with both supports for 3 months but they just like to point fingers at the other company.

I remember one day watching a movie in HD, it was actually the Red Dawn movie (newest version). The next day I turn on my 360 and somehow a Netflix update was downloaded while I was still on the dash.

I go to watch Parker and it looks like crap and mid way through I found out how to check the stream quality since it was a new version. It would stay at 288 and 480 and it looked like crap. I reset my modem and 360 but nothing.

After the movie was done I checked it on my other console and bam! Super HD, I check my Blu Ray player and that has HD. After asking around, friends and other forums users I did a few more experiments.

Some were getting HD and some were now forced to watch Netflix in a crappy quality. I took my cousin's 360s and connected it to my tv with HDMI and it worked. I asked a few of my friends again but this time I asked if they were using component cables. Everyone that was getting crappy quality out of nowhere all used component cables.

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