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The Police Department of Liberty City (Est. 2008) will be hosting a community event for the police Commissioners of the police roleplaying community on Grand Theft Auto IV.

If you would like to attend, then you will need to reserve your place (representing your clan/community) on our site for the event under the correct date, here.

This is NOT to prove one clan/community is better than the other, this is just an opportunity for the community, who is often rivaling to come together for a friendly competition.

Do you want to reserve a place for you, representing your clan?
Register on the site, with your gamertag exactly as it is on your Xbox LIVE account and then reply to this post with your clan's name and the gamertag's of those attending.

Do NOT automatically invite anybody you please into our event, this is exclusive to the COMMISSIONERS (leaders) of the communites/clans. If we do not fill all of our spots, THEN we will start inviting the next highest ranking available member of each clan, as long as you have them listed as "Attending".

We don't want new recruits or mid-ranking members, if you invite members we want them to know everything there is to know about YOUR community. That way, if a conversation is started regarding your community, they can answer the questions professionally and respectfully. If you do not want certain information spoken about, then respectfully inform the person(s) that the information is classified.

This is not only for friendly competition, this is also for the Commissioners understanding how OTHER communities other than their own work.

We look forward to playing with you and learning more about you, your community and your members.

P.S., please do not reserve a place unless you WILL be available.


Also, me and my community are busy setting up community competitions in a way that is usually experienced in the Explorers program hosted by many police
agencies in the United States.

We hope to bring the community together in an event, where the attending clans' Commissioners will play as judges as the hosting clan's Commissioner sets up scenarios for all clans members participating to play their roles in. Then, the Commissioners judge them and the "competition" is narrowed down to just two clans and then each clan is posted on our site with the placement of the tournament.
LCPD - 1st Place
LCES - 2nd Place


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So, this is a form of friendly competition amongst other police clans, but only Commissioners/Chiefs and Deputy Commissioners/Chiefs are the only ones allowed to attend? What if the next highest rank in a clan is the Lieutenant, but the leader feels that he/she knows about the clan very well?

I'd like these questions answered. Thank you.

Commissioners, Co-Commissioners & Chief of Departments can come (Top 3 highest ranking members.)

That'll be four police communities attending, each with three members.

The hosting clan will have four attending people, to fill the extra spot.

Good Luck HMG!!

Thank you Wulfzz213, just a try at bringing the specific community closer together for a common interest.

This is a great thing you are trying to do. I myself always felt that Police clans and the Roleplay community were spread too far apart. Now we (the clans) can actually become much closer.