Police Clan

A.E.F. – Algonquin Elite Force – A.E.F.

A.E.F. is a police role playing clan on the Xbox 360 that plays on Grand Theft Auto IV. Our clan consists of four divisions, S.W.A.T., Detective Bureau, Dispatch, and Aviation. Our clan is one of the best considering the best ratio between three factors. Fun, professionalism, and realism. We try to be fun, professional, and realistic. We really hope you decide to check us out and hope you see you in the near future.


  • Xbox 360 Xbox Live Gold
  • Xbox 360 Headset
  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Grand Theft Auto BoGT
  • You MUST Be 16 or older

If you would like more information, there are some links below to help you.

http://www.z15.invisionfree.com/clanmef Sign Up Here

http://www.wix.com/algonquineliteforce/home More Information

If you have any questions email me at *** Email address is removed for privacy *** or message me on XBL at Ghost31096


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I will join, already put in the application.

hey im 14 but i know alot about police  stuff my dad is a cop and i have never joined a clan

I'm sorry Lane the requirement is 16 sorry.

Ghost31096, I do not mean to interfere with your recruitment thread and I apologize if I unsettle you. But, I can't send anymore messages through Xbox LIVE due to the amount I have already sent.

I would like to respectfully inform you that I have decided to go ahead and restart my clan officialy. I have high hopes this time around and have reset my standards and views as a leader and think I can do things better this time around.

Lane Frost1234, as we do not have an age limit and you are welcome to join my clan instead.

Dont join this clan. Contact FBI Black Sheep on Xbox live for more information.


Yeah, don't.

It is not very professional to degrade clans. I'm sure everyone's clan is excellent and worth joining.

@vbro1 LOL this commissioner of this clan kicked out 2 members today, one reason was because one member was doing homework during an event and he couldn't come, and the other member was out of town. Plus the entire management team is a joke, and by joke I mean his 2nd in command basically leads his clan, has him tell members to go away or that their kicked, the he mutes them and blocks them, very immature. It's funny though, the only way that he could avoid all of this is to simply apologize to everyone he did this to, even though it may be their fault. He doesn't have to even offer them a spot in his clan. AEF will not last for much longer, it has more haters then it does members. Not trying to provoke drama, but it's the truth. LC911 is where it's at.

Oh, Lord, you vbro are an Ambassador as well?

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