Pointing in the Wrong Direction When spawning/reving

Pointing in the Wrong Direction When spawning/reving  WHY does this happen


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OP...it happens to everyone

Avoid dying. No deaths = no spawns. Problem solved.

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Bookmarked this thread in case I need a laugh.

I noticed too, that when I respawn after death, back at my base, sometimes I'm facing a wall and it literally takes me 10 seconds to figure out were the hell I am.

I don't understand, so you want to be spawned facing a certain way? How will this help you. That's like saying "aww man, I woke up today and wasn't facing the right way". There is none, you want easy arcade style go play that "other game".

i get that sometimes too. like when i spawn on a beacon ill be facing the wall and ill reset the beacon the opposite way but ill still spawn facing the wall. dunno if its a glitch or what