Point of taking pictures?

What is the point in taking pictures? I looked and looked but cannot find a way to view the pictures I've actually taken. 


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maybe you need to take them in the game? you know during some missions!

I do.

The only time it makes a difference is if the objective is to take a picture. I am talking about all the random pictures I take, there are no way to view them. I was hoping there was some kind of picture viewer like there is in Halo

i use it to tag enemys and animals. it makes hunting and fighting easier!

I get that, I use it for the same thing but there is an option to press RB to take a picture. I thought that perhaps you could view those pictures at a later time.

Yeah I was thinking maybe after you beat the game, our taken pictures would shuffle just to give the game a more personal feeling.  I have yet found anything, probably nothing.

After completing the game, I only actually had to take pictures once as part of the main story mission. There may be a couple of side missions you use it for but other than that, the picture taking is pretty much never used.

Does the picture taken end up in the xbox picture folder?  Or the far cry 3 folder?  I know BC1 you could take pictures and view them online website.  BC2 ya could take pictures but couldn't view them.

On a side note, you don't have to take pictures to tag people, just aim at them.

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