point of being human?

so whats the difference in this game, in demon souls you would have half health in soul form, but in this one i cant tell the difference.  any help?


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While you are human you have a better chance at getting good stuff off of dead enemies, and you look alive, and have a hairy body (-_-;), instead of the zombie look

You cant kindle a bonfire, which gives you more estus. Also, and im not 100% sure on this one but I believe you also cant join in on co op if your hollowed.

Yup, better items FTW.  :)

But to be honest, I die so much that I spent most of my time hollowed out.  *sad panda face*

^hold on a second........i thought it was NOT a panda?


See, the thing is it's a panda disguise, so making panda faces is entirely possible.  :)

To clarify on the co-op.

If your human, you can summon others to play with you.

When your undead you can't summon others into your realm but you can be summoned. (Leave a white soap marker)

I didn't realize that about the kindling giving you more Estus.  Good to know.