This has happened to me twice now. I'll help someone throughout the entire area (ex. Sen's Fortress) and then when we get to the boss they'll banish me from their world. Like what the heck man? *** pisses me off. I carried you through the ENTIRE fortress, helped you get all items, and then you banish me? 

Don't play with Purple Anomaly, he'll let you carry him through an area and then banish you.


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It is really annoying when people do that. I personally don't like helping people through an entire area (especially sens fortress) because they don't learn anything. They suck, but someone really good is in their game and then they ragequit the game when they get to the final 4 because they don't know what to do.


One friend said the game was too hard and I asked him what gear he was using. He was trying to fight nito with an unupgraded drake sword.

It's much more than annoying man, I just need one more Sunlight Medal for Sunlight Spear too. >_<

I always get my medals from fighting O & S. People always need help with O & S.

I'm still a noob, O&S?

Ornstien & Smough

Thats because "Purple Anomaly" is making low level twinks to greif the undead burg.... don't help him.

And look a his bio, he thinks "sore" is means to fly or SOAR through the air.

And Shmetternden you don't get sunlight spear from sunlight medals/ranking up. You need to offer a Gwyn's (final boss) Soul to get it.

I second the suggestion to help with Ornstein and Smough.  Put your sign down at the last bonfire for best results.  If you put it before the archers, many hosts will get past the archers and then want to sit at the bonfire there and will banish you.


If you want to help in Sen's and get boss fights, you may be better off putting your sign down right in front of the boss.  That way, people who want help with the boss will summon there and you don't have to run through the whole thing only to get sent home.