Please,Please SPOT!

I have played a few matches and i seem to be the only one that spots, for people that don`t know when you look at an enemy down your sites PRESS THE BACK BUTTON!

It will put a little triangle so everyone can see them and even if you don't get the kill you get a 10 point spot kil, deffintly helps your team win so please do it.



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I do it all the time too.  Sometimes I keep pushing the spot while aiming at sniper points just so I might get lucky and spot one.

Yeah, that would be helpful but the only issue is that the spotting doesn't work the same as BFBC2. In BF3, you can only spot people as long as the are in your line of sight. As soon as they go behind cover or in a building the orange triangle goes away.

This used to be a real pet peeve of mine in BC2. I would always spot as soon as I saw someone, Picking this up in an hour or two, and can assure you I will always spot for the team!

off topic slightly, but another of my peeves from BC2 was when 90% of your team are sitting in the base waiting for a heli to spawn, just to get in it, then crash cos they cant fly the thing! I'm guessing it'll be the same for the new jets that are in this huh?

@Fletch.  Not too much with the spawning of the air support.  However, at the beginning of the game it happens, but they just crash really quick with the jets.  I can say this because I eventually crash too.  I can't suppress anything on the ground and it takes me forever to get into the battlefield, but I don't crash right away.  I feel it's more waiting for other vehicles to spawn while the rest of the team is getting obliterated.

Jets are basically useless from what I've seen.  I've never had one take me out, they're very difficult to use against ground forces, and there aren't enough for you to have any serious advantage to being an air-to-air ace.  I ignore them, and focus on the real threat: tanks.

Do you get points for simply spotting?  Or do they have to be shot at or killed for you to get the spot points?  Any one know?

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Do you get points for simply spotting?  Or do they have to be shot at or killed for you to get the spot points?  Any one know?


They have to be killed to earn you points.

I spot spam like crazy. I don't know why more people don't do it either because it's free points. You're not always going to be able to kill your target when they run behind cover. Might as well give your teammates a chance to finish them off if they're in the area.