Please! Weapon Help!

Hello!  I am desperate need of weapons help.  This is the list of the weapons I need:  1) Swinging Sword  2)  Thunderblade  3)  Souldrinker  4)  Beadles Cutlass  5)  Jack's Hammer  6)  The Tenderiser  7) Tannars Glory  8)  Dragonbone Hammer  9)  Sorrows Fist  10)  Dragonstomper .48  11)  Bloodcraver  12)  Holy Vengeance  13)  Skorm's Justice  14)  The Equaliser   I do have duplicates from my games that I am willing to trade for a weapon and they are:  Really Sharp Pair of Scissors, Mr Stabby, Slimquick, Merchant's Bodyguard, Splade, The TYPO, Mallets Mallet, Auroras Shield, Chickenbane, Briars Blaster, Desert Fury, The Bonesmasher, Ol Malice, Scattershot   I am online now and you can send me a message thru xbl if you can help or want to trade.  Thanks!

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i have dragonbone hammer, tenderiser, and maybe other ones, i need really sharp pair of scissors, slimquick.

ill check if i have other ones

scratch that, i got sscissors and slimquick

OP i don't have the weapons you need atm, but i'd apreciate if you can spare or sell to me DESERT FURY ...i have xtras but you have all of it.

Orange when is a good time to trade weapon?

Hit me up if you need any of these:

Mr Stabby - 1

Slimquick - 2

The Merchants Bodyguard - 1

Lunarium Pounder - 1

Trollblight - 3

Faerie Hammer of the Moon King - 1

Desert Fury - 1 (fully upgraded)

Holy Vengeance - 2

Mirians Mutilator - 2

The Heros Companion - 2

Facemelter - 1

Swift Irregular - 1

I need:

The Swinging Sword


Really Sharp Pair of Scissors

The Splade

Beadles Cutlass

The Cassanova

The Love Sword

Jacks Hammer

Tanners Glory

Mallets Mallet

Hammer of Willmageddon

Sorrows Fist

Dragonbone Hammer

Auroras Shield


The Ice Maiden

The Barnumficator

Reaver Industries Perferator

The Sandgoose

Simmons Shotgun

Defender of the Faith

Skorms Justice

The Equaliser



Bloomin eck.... did'nt think i needed all them.... that'll teach me to sell some before i realised there was an achievement attached to them

Pezzer...I would like to swap some of the weapons I have that you need for the ones that you, that I need.  When is a good time?

i have loads of tenderisers and those hammers with the eagle on the top and loads of sandgooses and i have the equiliser and more so if you have any need for weapons or help with acheivments then message me

godz, i have all the weapons you have to offer, but ill give you: stabby, merchants bodyguard, aurora's shield, desert fury, and csattershot