Please stop hacking this game, it's my favourite game.

I know it's not worth it but I love this game with a passion and just want to play without hacks... Is it really that difficult to patch?

I should add though, even if you do all the decent players are gone, now all that's left is modders, hackers, tubers, and 4fragP90's, and 10 good players.


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I don't mind the tubers, and the 4fragP90 users, just get the modder/hackers out of the game.  And don't you mean 3fragP90 users?  Loved using that set up in shoot house or wet work, three grenades into the air, two flashbangs, and charge with the P90 = total chaos and carnage. ;oD

I agree about the hackers, you can tell who they are, a modders website address comes on screen next to their GT when accessing the Mod menu. They are all over the place, in the sky out of maps etc. Just do what we do if on your team keep killing them, it's great seeing their body fall out of the sky. They leave eventually.

There seems to be more people playing this game lately, I'm pleases 'cause it's the best COD with the best maps. Oh and the 3 frags - As Dacmyk said, great on Wetwork, it's like a mini airstrike.

I'm confused. I just now finally got an XBOX and this is the only COD game I have atm... I've played a few times since getting my xbox... should I not be playing it?

It's risky.  If you end up in a game with modder/hackers, you want to dashboard, or shut off your XBOX, which will erase whatever they might have done to you.  Don't just leave the game, your "score" is saved, and so is whatever the hackers infected you with.  Deranking is when your score is set at a negative (-2,000,000XP) and you go back to level one.  Good luck getting to level two from a negative two million XP, in a game that scores ten XP per kill.  ;op

The modder/hackers have thinned out lately, probably due to the newer releases, but you can still run into them.  Just be careful, or get MW2, BlkOps1, MW3, or BlkOps2; they haven't been infested with modder/hackers, yet.