Please report cheaters - I want this awesome game to remain awesome

I was home sick all day, so I got a chance to hang out that play Dark Souls all day.  While forest hunting I met multiple people who pop divine blessings like they are going out of style.  I also met a couple people (back to back) who were invincible and were able to apply darkmoon blade to unbuffable weapons using a spell-swap glitch.  After I gave up on the forest, I went to play against griefers where I repeatedly got invaded by a guy claiming to be level 10 with WOG, claws, and over 1400 vitality (I poisoned him and then backstabbed for over 1400 hp damage and he lived).  Plus, he repeatedly popped divine blessings rendering me unable to defeat him unless I could OHKO him, which I couldn't do because he wouldn't swing at me - only fished for backstabs.


This has got to stop.  The item duplication glitching is ridiculous.  The invincibility is ridiculous.  The dragon head/body glitches are ridiculous.  It's not cheating to heal, but it is to use divine blessings that you glitched in.  They are faster than both estus and humanity, heal fully, and remove all status ailments (bleed, poison, toxic, etc.)  It's cheating to mod a toon so that you can use WOG at level 10 and have over 30 vitality.


Let's take this game back from the cheaters.  If enough people report them, perhaps XBox will actually do something about them.  If you see someone cheating, report it.  Please.  This is an awesome game and I want it to remain that way.  Who is with me?


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Most this will be fixed in a patch this august to my understanding at least

I hope so, but in the meantime, why should we put up with people who are committing bannable offenses?  They will find other ways to cheat unless we do something about it.  Apparently, no one seems to care?

most of this needs to be reported to fromsoft microsoft cant do much about it

Microsoft can ban those who violate the terms of using XBL.

but there is no practical way to prove it complaint are usaully interprreted as some sore loser trying to get revenge

If the same people keep getting reported, maybe not.