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i have made a few posts on borderlands 2 forum and ppl must be getting sick of me lol but im really sad lol my friends are all lvl op8 and im a level 36 mechromancer so if anyone knows of anyways to gain xp quick solo that would be great or if anyone is willing to help me get to lvl 72 atleast that would be really helpfull i see ppl gettin help all the time so someone must be willing to help a fello gamer out


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i would help u get u to lvl72 and get ur op lvls but my account went to silver dont know when ill get it back to gold.

im not sure if it works but i hav a 7 day trial in my COD ghosts case

just keep grinding at the game a doing and turning in missions, your high ranked friends could join you game and one shot kill the baddies and get those missions done. now if they will not help you like that then you know they are not real good friends.