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Alright, so I recently had bought the traitors keep add on and for the most part i have been playing through it with no problems. I got past clockwork Island and then managed to get to the Godwin Estate and into the manor on the Island. However, a few rooms in I get to this room with three hobbes in it, two of which are just arguing and laughing at each other and the other is over by some chemistry set. I walked into the room and nothing happens! I know they are supposed to get zapped and turn into the colored hobbes but nothing happens. I can't get past the room and I can't even fast travel off of the Island!!!!! In dire need of help!!!!! Why is it so difficult for lionhead to make a patch so that people can fast travel out of areas even while in missions thus causing the mission to reset itself. I've have been a long fan of the fable series but I feel like this is a big enough f*** up to where they will lose a good portion of their fan base.


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never experienced that glitch the only one i experienced was not being able to play the hobbe mini game in that room. but if you have an earlier save just dashboard out and load the game back up but if you saved in that room than you are stuck. so than the only thing to do is start over.

I agree they do need to make a patch to fix the dlc glitches and more of the glitches in the regular game but that most likely wont happen because they are working on fable: the journey right now.

i anint starting over put alot of time in to that game thanks for the reply though

I highly recommend having multiple saves for this game, it is full of glitches. i finished the game and only had around 10 mins gameplay until i unlocked the road to rule and only needed 5 more weapons for the achievement and all of a sudden when i logged in i had no clothes on and all my seals, clothes and weapons vanished and the chests reset themselves.

It would appear that for some reason your player is not triggering the scripts for that room. I know this will sound very simplistic, but are you 100% certain that you have completed all of the previous rooms? Have you destroyed all the enemies in previous rooms etc.

Go back into the previous rooms and see if anything looks like it is incomplete... it might be something really simple like that you never know?

i tried that went back though the island nothing happened so i joined someone else's game, they did everything the same as me and they game went on as normal

I haven't experienced this glitch before, but best of luck until you find a work-around!