Please help me...

This is going to sound weird because I do not know how to explain it but , I try to play music on my xbox 360 and a PC that is not mine pops up , It says BUCK-PC: BUCK, I have no idea what this this means or whos pc it is . Help me pls , thnks



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Also when I click on it says connecting to your PC , but its not my pc

On your Xbox? Disconnect your Ethernet cord, go offline on your Xbox and reset your system.

AND/OR go on your pc and run a full time scan.

I think I fixed it , I turned of my firewall and turned it back on and now the other pc thing is gone and my real one is up . Guess I fixed it , thanks for the help people

Well let me know because I work with this stuff all the time. USUALLY when you see an oddly weirdly unknown program on your Xbox then unplug your Ethernet cord. They can't do nothing since they lost your connection same goes for crap like that on the PC.

Thanks man appreciate it

Is your wireless network locked? You want to make sure you have it password protected otherwise neighbors will leech off your connection.

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