Pleasant surprise today

On my last game last night it was Arica Harbor CQ and when I joined my team had no flags and were down 100 tickets, but I figured what the hell see if I can turn it around. I thought I was going to have to do my one man army thing and was for the first 5 minutes and then I noticed a random in my squad was following me around religiously, but it wasn't to annoy me. It was one of those RARE times when a random actually has a sense of teamwork and helps you out.


This guy had my back through the entire game. He cleared every house with me, capped every flag, if I took 12 o clock he took 6, frankly I was amazed at the level of dedication to the squad from this random guy. Then come to find out he doesn't even speak english(damn!) so I hop on a translator and thank him for his good work and send him an FR. We lost by 30 tickets in the end but it was THE best game I've ever had with randoms in a very long time.


It was also a fair, neck and neck played game. No campers with USAS, Saigas or Carl G's and maybe 2 or 3 snipers. Everyone else was **** or medic, my team was mostly **** and the other team were medics, which is why we lost. This is how I wish every game would go...


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Am with you but we all no that it will not happen....later

I had one of those once. Once.  Same map, same gametype. It's rare, but when it happens you'll never forget it.

Ive had the same thing occur on occasion spud.. I'll always send them a "GG" message. I'm always thankful when someone PROACTIVELY gives me an ammo/health box without me having to knife them/jump up and down in front of them/etc..

Nice to hear some good stuff about randoms, and not the old whining.


For most ppl, WE are the randoms, so....

Love is in the air. lol