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How many play through does this game take? Also does each faction mean different story or is it all the same? Don't want to buy a game that makes me repeat the game numerous times, and how long does a play through take? Thanks


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How long it takes depends on how much time you want to invest.  I have invested many many hours and have not completed the game once yet.  There are four different endings, but the vast majority of the game consists of side-quests that can be completed or skipped as you like.  Some players create a save immediately before they have to finally make a choice as to which story line to pursue so that they can get all four endings with a single character.  Personally I will be making multiple characters, and will (once all of the DLC has been released) probably invest somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 hours of game time over several characters.

As already mentioned it really depends on how much time you really want to put into it. I've already clocked in over 240 hours (thanks to glitches / game freezes, had to restart a few times.. have to restart again since i somehow got locked into the bunker) but its overall a really good game, just wish they would fix these issues...

That's why it is always a good idea with a Fallout game to keep at least 5 save slots going for every character.  What I typically do is always save in a new slot, then periodically go back and delete some of my older saves, keeping the last 5-10 depending on where I am in the game.  That strategy served me well in FO3, saving me from having to restart several times because of game-breaking glitches.

Pretty much what they wrote.  There is a point where the game basically splits into one of the 4 end paths (Siding with Ceaser, NCR, Mr House, or making Vegas independent).  I've basically done 1 playthrough per DLC, about the only thing I don't see myself doing is playing hardcore mode, that's just a tad too much micromanaging.

Lol, I've done two of the four and I'm nearing 400 hours, since I messed up the first few times by accident and playing it on hardcore... think these next two times around im playing it on easy..

I've only done 1 complete play. I'm on my 2nd, and 3rd at the same time with only 1 DLC missing. I've completed the Dam six different times and each time the only real change is the ending story. I've added to it since the first one was pretty lame. Now all of my factions have a roll and all my companions except Gannon have moved on successfully. Gannon is still stuck in the 38. I think he likes it there all by himself.

Just a little side note: The BoS are patrolling the highway now so feel free to travel.

4 Playthroughs will get you an ending with each of the main factions, but if you save right before you hand over the platinum chip you can always reload that save and finish the playthroughs from there.

To give you an estimation of the methode mentioned above. I saved right before the decision moment and reloaded after and completed all playthroughs in about four and a half hour. Good luck !