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Anybody want to play because when I just join games people kick right away... why play online if you don't want people to join.


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that's funny...reminds me of the days I used to spend hours upon hours rejoining PUBLIC games where the host would kick me without notice or reason....It would usually take about half an hour of me being kicked, rejoining, kicked, rejoining..before the host would FINALLY get on his mic or send me a message and I would then TEACH them about PRIVATE matches! haha! love this game! and can't wait for Borderlands 2!!!!

I don't have many join my games, I rarely make public games anymore. Modders ruined it for me. I still play every once in a while but over-leveled people join and it ticks me off. I'm normally pretty decent though.

@ Hostel- I hear you on the kicking part. I hate it when people are hosting a public game and kick you without any explanation. At least tell me you are waiting for a friend or something.