play/pause bar invisible after april 9 update

Title says it all. 

And while I'm in here, I may as well request the following;

Return of Y button for 'space' in search.  

Option to not load while typing in search as it lags and makes me type one letter multiple times (like thhhis) Can also delete multiple times (if pressing X, of course).

Let us use the xbox's on-screen keyboard rather than the awkward alphabet bar. 

And why were DVD-only movies removed from searches? I was hoping they'd add the option to 'add to DVD queue'. Oh well.


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That drives me nuts too. Also after the update, when you move the left stick down to get to your control menu (pause, FF, etc.) it used to be that the first push down on the stick rested on the control menu, the second move down on the stick gave you other recommendations, etc. Now one move down on the stick and it skips right past the control menu (though it displays it briefly) and goes directly to the recommendations menu. You then have to hit B to get back to control. Its a pain, I use the control menu WAY more often than looking at the other menu set. It seems that with each update the overall handling of the app gets worse and worse. Who is implementing these changes? No more party viewing. Auto-play on episodes without the option to veiw individual episodes in the menu the old way (I feel that the old way of viewing and playing series manually gave us much more control on how to handle multi episodic content, plus it was easier to gauge which episodes you had and had not seen) and other changes. Youch. It used t be fairly clean, now its a bit of a mess. Because of the clunky controls and menus that disappear way too fast (such as when you are reading descriptions) I keep doing things such as ending up backing out of a movie entirely instead of my intention of just backing out the the menu while leaving the movie play. Its frustrating to use sometimes.