Playoffs Presentation in Connected Franchise

So I did the offline Owner mode on Connected Franchise.  My team made it to the playoffs and I was quite disappointed about the overall experience of the opening presentation.  Their was no music, and when the home team comes out of the tunnel all your hear is the noise from the pyrotechnic machines, also it seems like they are introducing a few players and you can't hear the stadium speakers to hear if they are saying their names before introducing them.

Now I'm sure their will be updates to the game that will fix certain bugs EA is aware of, but honestly every year they keep saying how much they keep improving on the presentation and every year it's crap.

Also they sent out the game with the "Ball Hawk", "Heat Seeker" options not working.  You can turn them on and they are immediately not saved and put back to off.

Switching menu options is very slow at times too.

Still it's a fun game and I'm glad Owner Mode is back but they really need to fix a lot of things with this game.

Go Niners!!


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you had me until you started complaining about the settings and options, as I have problems with any of that