Playing without DLC add on

I know there are still some playing Fable 3 who have yet to download any of the extras....I have them but I have a friend who does not and he is having a hard time with the game on his own.......this has led to him shelving the game after not even 2 hours of game play...but he wants to get back into it......If anyone plays without the DLC and is looking for a coop partner...expecially if ur willing to show someone the ropes......send me a shout out and I will send u his way......Myself and my friend would be greatly thankful for the assistence


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One of the free DLCs has a patch in it that allows people with differing DLCs to play together. I have all the DLCs, and I've had a friend without them come to DLC areas in my world, even though they didn't have those DLC.

The Free Weapon's Pack DLC should make it so that he can play the game with you.  Of course he won't be able to play any of the DLC until he buys it, but you could do the co-op.