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I don't have any issue connection to a quick match on BFBC2.  My buddy and I have played CoD before without issue so I don't think it's our connections/router issues.  When we try to play in a squad though we can make a squad but as soon as either one of us joins a game the other person will get kicked back to the main menu.  Also if we try to join the the other person's game in progress it will say something like "Can't connect to the EA servers."  We both have the cheap version of the game, greatest hits or whatever it is and neither one of us have a VIP code.  Does this have anything to do with it?


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That shouldn't make a difference at all for not having the VIP code
there more people out there that has trouble connecting to EA
every time when I want to play BFBC2 i need to delet my system cach and often need to retart before i can connect to EA, Easy Access?

not everyone has those problems,
and if you are trying to contact them about this they will say everthing is fine over here... helpful? NO!

Ok, the problem was that I had done the latest update and he had not.  After we got him updated it works flawlessly for us.  Thanks for the reply.

You are going to love BFBC2 just dont run and gun.its not like COD just a heads up bud if you need any help just ask there are some good bfbc2 players on this forum.and if you run into a player called BKB ShadowVegas run for your life if you dont you will eat his M1 Grand.......later