Playing Tag Matches with a friend

So when I play ranked tag matches online, I noticed that sometimes I would fight against two people using their own gamer tags as opposed to [Gamertag](1). I play with my brother in ranked tag matches as a guest most of the time. So how do these people play on the same 360 with separate gamer tags? Just recover your account on the 360 you're playing on? Also when you play tag matches with 2 separate gamer tags, does the person who recovered (if that's how it works) their tag get credit to their statistics?


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Pretty sure they get credit for their stats since it's their GT. As for how? You simply have a friend come over or you go over to their house with your GT loaded onto a memory card. You can also recover your GT on their 360 or vise versa. Once that's done, just simply pick up the second player controller and sign in. From there, you can just let your friend choose the tag match and wait to select your character.