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Some of you already know this, but I get questions on some of my other sites as to just how I can play with old seeds, as they are changed by new updates.  The answer is simple and I am putting it here for anyone who does not know exactly how to do it.  All you need to do is go into your XBox system files...find your save file...first delete your Cache and then your Minecraft updates...Start Minecraft, load your old seed and save.  You can the go back and re-add your game update. Pretty simple, but I guess some people did not know how and wanted to play with old common seeds...There are alot of tricks and tips out there...go check some out and never be afraid to ask about something.  Hey, thanks for reading.  Add me if you want and as always, have a great day.  ~Rob...


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Dead Mau5 and Gargamel...omg

Good insight.  But if you load the updates before you fully explore your old seed, undiscovered terrain will generate based on the update, not the original game.

Thanks @WildAttorney for that great addition...

I saw ice on my old worlds in the sea, in areas which I've already explored before the 1.8. 1.8 WILL gradually turn your old worlds into snow biomes if you play in them for long periods of time.

I know its so annoying

but what do you do if you dont have the first update 

hi, my child was playing minecraft on xbox 360, there was an explosion and at the same time an auto saving, so the destroyed world was saved. Is there a way to recover the old world?