Playing Minecraft online with multiple people

Hi.  My Brother and I have XBL Gold accounts and we can play minecraft normally.  But how can we get our kids in on on the game.  Technically, they do not have XBL accounts.  What I want to do is have my Brother and I play a game online, and then have our respective children play split screen with us.

Is that possible?

Aus Den Ber


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Surely all you need do is create a couple of free logins for them. I assume you can split the screen four ways. Otherwise you'll need another xbox

I can split the screens :-)  I tried to just have them come in normally, but it kept asking me to sign into XBL.  I'll see if there was something wonky with my settings.


Aus Den Ber

In order to play split screen (you can play up to 4 on split screen) you must have multiple accounts to log into to, they can be made for free, and you MUST be playing with a HDMI cord. AV will not work. Make sure the accounts that you want to join the game are logged in and start up the game, it will ask you to sign in, just selecting "A" should automatically log you in.

yes it is just have an HD tv. the reason of this is becuase there is so many frame pixels aloud on a tv ,an hd tv can hold that many pixels!