Playing alone is getting....well...lonely!

So,I've been looking into getting this for awile now, and since the xbox version finally released, and my computer is acting screwy, I decided to get the XBLA version.

Problem is, I don't have alot of people on my friends list who play this. Everybody I know plays it on the pc :l

Anywho, just wanted to let the forum community know, if anybody wants an extra helping hand, or just wants to jump into my world for a bit, add me, and I'd love to play with you! :) Just say something having to do with minecraft attached to the friend request, and I'll accept it :)


I look forward to playing with you all in one of my favorite XBLA games of all time! :)


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hey i will play with ya anytime! Minecraft is great!

add people from here send requests its cool.

Just list you want more friends on this forum on So far about 1/4 of those on my friends list play this game. Sometimes its good to play alone as my friends sometimes come gate crashing into my world when I'm busy creating stuff. Though I'm not grouchy about that. The minecraft forum on is so popular too. Come on here and theres so many new posts and comments.

How old are u guys I don't mean to sound grumpy but I'm a mature player and as much as I'd like a friend to play this with ,I don't wanna play with kids so if any adults out there wanna get together hit me up cheers guys Andy

Hey I'm 30 been playing minecrqft awhile looking for friends to play with on the 360... Add me... Your world or mine

Ok I ain't got much of a world but I'm learning only started playing on 360 ,but yeah ill send ya friend request and we can get together sonetime,I can't seem to persuade my mates to buy this although I've stressed how good it is I'm addicted to it lol,anyway wen do ya fancy getting together your round about my age so should be fun

Wow you're 30 lol? You should EXPECT kids to play it. Don't worry many mature adults play it too. I think of it as The Sims 3 but with multiplayer and...

  _    _    _    _    _

I    I I   I I   I I   I  I  I

  _     _   _     _    _    ..... graphics.

smiles ^_^

I'm joining too

send an add my way

im willing to play too just add me pr message me. im on everyday. alot of the time im on all night

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