Playing 2K11 in 3D

Hey guys, just wanted to pass this along.  I didn't notice the 2K11 menu had a 3D option until today.... So I played today in 3D using a Panasonic GT-30 w/Panasonic's active 3D glasses.  I thought once I got the settings right the 3D worked well in this game.  The best settings on the 2K11 Menu were 38 for INTENSITY and 88 for DEPTH.  The game is less colorful in 3D but it's definetely cool, the court and players are coming right out at you, the scoreboard and shotclock are much closer, and the cutaways look good as well.  This was the first game I've played in 3D and I didn't even know it was an option because it's not written on the game's box.  You have 3 options in the 2K11 menu to play in 3D it can be done without a 3D TV if you have passive glasses (the cheap feeling ones with each lense a diff color i.e. red & green), but I don't know how that looks because I used a full 3D TV with powered 'active' eyewear.  It was fairly impressive and it was legitimate 3D.


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