players with Max Stats in public games.

Today I was playing with a friend and we had the game open for the public randoms to join.
Some fool comes in and we noticed that the end of act II Boss was killed too fast like with one hit.
I check the other players stats, he was at the same level as us and their weapons and items were the same but their Stats were Maxed out
the attack damage was 2500K and the vitality was 1 million. 

I sent the fool a message told him to leave our game or we'll report them for tampering.

I mean really why would you hack your character then join a public game, were not even on hell or nightmare just a regular normal game. It was so obvious too. 


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ive seen this too. I actually had someone drop a weapon in game that is obviously modded. there is so much duping and modding going on its ridiculous. unfortunately reporting people for it wont do anything. xbox says its blizzards game and blizzard says its Xboxes. so when u report them theyre not going to search thru the diablo savegame for evidence.

when it comes to reporting the banhammer works, the more other users report someone the more likely they investigate that user and they will be banned.

Man, that stick must be really deep. It's just a game guys and a non-competitive one at that. What's the big deal if their stats are maxed. Make your game private if you think it's both a problem and rampant.

the thing is, that the person u r reporting could have just been the receiver of a very generous gift. I would hate to be banned from live because of theft by receiving digital goods lol

 Anyone who doesn't know what the "Big Deal"  is most likely has modded equipment themselves........

I've played very little online, I guess there isn't a way to kick someone from your game, huh?