Players needed for bungie day! good player please :)

Hello everyone so i am holding try outs for bungie day.  When 7/5/2011 ends the team will be desided. (I will only need four to six people) so please post if you are intreasted.

btw you beat the bungie workers by 20 kills or more you will be sent steaks :)


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I have desided not to tryout.


you want to be taken seriously with all those tags?

but sorry mate, allready have some friends I'll be playing with on that day

When I beat our butcher at drunken Puzzle Fighter he gives me steaks.

I'd rather play REACH by MYSELF with an ASSAULT RIFLE against a full team of BUNGIE FOOLS than play with someone who uses eight and a half million irrelevant tags to get attention.

Kid aint even good.  Hell I aint even good..  but I am better than him..

  .68 k/d he is carrying.  while I carry a .87 k/d lol..  no wonder why he only wants good players to play with him.. that away they can carry his dead weight.  


I have a question I should have typed this first..  So does that mean that he tries out for the team too?  and if he doesn't make the cut does that mean he gets cut from the thing he is trying to organize.  I mean how does these things actually work?  Seriously?  Clans?  Tryouts?  Video Gaming?  hmmm...  I find it an annoyance.. but maybe that's cause of my 29 yrs of age..  

     Sure I play with the same few people all the time.  but we do not call ourselves a Clan or held tryouts..  We just are a group of guys that ran into each other and we either played well with each other or we kicked each others asterfies. lol..  Try stepping your game up a little bit youngster and you might be able to make a few kiddy friends along the way that would enjoy joining your little gathering or clan..  but the people on these forums do not want anything for the most part to do with it.  

I'm 19, just, and I find it annoying too, man.


Some people are just desperate to belong to a group, I guess. I was never into 'clans', being 'MLG' or anything else.

Dude if you wanted people to play with you on bungie day you should have just asked for it. Not told people to try out and then have you deem if they are good enough. Plus bungie day is a celebration, enjoy it dude. Its not MLG .