Player movement problem...need help!

Been playing on my brothers Xbox all versions of Modern Warfare...etc.  Perfect game play at his place.  At my place and at my brother's place the movement of the player is unplayable.  It's like I'm running around on roller blades.  While getting killed over and over again I'm spraying the landscape behind the opponent with my weapon.  Same thing at my other brother's place.


Can't find anything online about this anywhere and since it's happening to 2 out of 3 of us it has to be happening to others?

I've got 50MB connection so speed of my connection is not the problem.  Brand new Xbox got for Christmas, everything is hard wired Cat 5 cable, no wireless other than the controllers.  It's basically the same setup as at my brothers place where it works perfectly.


I'm pretty decent when I can control my player.  Finish top 3 almost every time.  I suck on the new Xbox.


Any advise?


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Are you talking about the Xbox 360 Slim? And are you using different controllers than at your brothers house? I'm wondering because i have had this game for about 6 months and have never had this problem and I have the original Xbox 360, and my controllers are wireless and my game is fine.